Compile Pure data patches with free online Heavy compiler

You can now use our online compiler to turn almost any vanilla Pure data patch into C source code. The service is free and open to anyone to use, built on open source projects, and you don’t have to be a customer or own an OWL to use it!

Since the beginning we have been using Enzien Audio’s Heavy compiler to turn Pure data OWL patches into C, which we then compile to optimised machine code for the OWL and Javascript for the patch library. Enzien Audio have now closed shop, but have very generously decided to open source hvcc, the Heavy compiler. Thanks to this we can still support Pure data patches for the OWL.

To make it easier for Pure data users to use Heavy and to provide continuity for existing Heavy users we have now extended our online compiler, so that non-OWL patches (ie general Pure data patches) can be compiled to C source. The C source can then be used to build VST plugins or integrate with games engines like Unity, Unreal or Wvise.

To use it, first create a free user account.

Next go to PATCHES, select MY PATCHES, and click CREATE PATCH.

Upload all the Pd files that form part of your patch. Alternatively you can add links to the files on GitHub, and they will be automatically fetched. Next make sure to select compilation type heavy. And if you have uploaded more than one Pd file, ensure that the correct file is selected as Main File.

You can now click Save and Compile, or just Save to be taken to the patch details page.

Here you can download the C source (if the patch has compiled), and add patch details in case you want to share or publish it.

If you want to add or remove files, or change the compilation type, click the + icon in the file tabs. If you compile it as an OWL patch, you will get a Javascript version which you can run in the browser window. And then you can run it on an OWL, too!

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