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The OWL Modular is a fully programmable digital audio device.

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The OWL Modular is a fully programmable digital audio device. With a sophisticated ARM Cortex M4 processor and plenty of memory, it delivers outstanding performance and audio quality.

Note: The OWL Modular is no longer manufactured, please see the Genius Eurorack module for an up to date version. Legacy OWL Modular hardware is now supported by the new OpenWare firmware.

The platform is entirely open source and remarkably easy to program. A growing community of creative coders have created a diverse library of more than 150 patches, including polyphonic synthesisers, drum machines, glitchers, phasers, flangers, loopers, droners, delays, reverbs, crushers, shapers, screamers, laughers and more. 40 of these patches come pre-loaded, with the possibility of storing your own selection on the device.

Based on the successful OWL Pedal, the Modular adds CV control and DC-coupled inputs and outputs, while retaining full patch compatibility.

The OpenWareLaboratory combines several unique, powerful features:

  • polyglot DSP (C++, FAUST, Pure Data and Max Gen patches can run on the same device)
  • dynamic patch loading (no need to flash firmware)
  • the same patch can run on the device, in a VST plugin, or a web browser
  • cross-platform DSP library, easy to use yet highly optimised

The legacy firmware includes 40 factory patches that you can easily change between without connecting a computer. Additional patches can be easily loaded from the online patch library.

For more information, patches, and documentation see the OpenWareLaboratory website.






  • 8kHz to 96kHz sampling rate
  • 24 bit stereo codec
  • 3500 operations per sample @ 48kHz
  • Powerful STM32F4 microcontroller:
    • 168MHz 32bit ARM Cortex M4
    • 192Kb RAM, 1Mb Flash memory
    • Integrated DSP, FPU, DMA
  • 1Mb 10nS SRAM


  • 2 audio inputs
  • 2 audio outputs
  • 5 CV inputs
  • 1 gate/trigger in
  • 1 gate/trigger out
  • 1 USB Type B connector


  • Width: 20HP / 101.30mm
  • Height: 3U / 128.50mm
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Weight: 225g


  • 16-pin Doepfer/Eurorack
  • PTC fuse and diode protected
  • +12v: 160mA
  • -12v: 20mA

Note: The OWL Modular comes with a dedicated 5v regulator.


  • Output: 1k
  • Input: 100k

Open Hardware

The OWL Modular is Open Source and Open Hardware, published under the Gnu GPL.
Code and schematics are available on GitHub.


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