Befaco Rebel Lich

Meet the mighty Lich! Back from the world of the once living, this undead creature has come to skrunk up your mixes. Or something along those lines.

In actuality, the Lich is the product of a fruitful collaboration with the wonderful team at Befaco in Barcelona.

What you get is a programmable device with a killer set of pre-loaded functions:

  • Silky Verb: a smooth reverb with unique features for maximum modular joy: cross-fading room size, tap-tempo pre-delay, brightness and time controls, all with CV control of course.
  • Harmonic Lich: 8 band harmonic oscillator with MIDI and CV controls. Set each band with MIDI CC, play with notes, sweep and tilt with CV. Lots of fun with or without a MIDI controller attached.
  • Tap Tempo Delay: with tempo synched LFO outputs, loop lock and more: probably the most musical delay you’ll ever rack up.
  • MIDI Modular: MIDI to and from CV. Sneaking out a unique feature here with a built-in digital oscillator: spice up your boring old analogue VCO with some FM!

At its core, the Lich is an OWL programmable device, with USB MIDI Device and Host interface (plug in any USB MIDI controller!),  4 assignable knobs with CV inputs and attenuators, two trigger/gate inputs with trigger buttons, two CV outputs, one gate/trigger output, and of course stereo audio in/out (48kHz 24-bit). In addition the Lich sports an LED display and encoder to let you easily switch between functions. All the functions you need to keep the forces of evil at bay. Or why not invite them in for tea?

As well as the pre-loaded patches you can of course load up anything you want from our patch library (now more than 250 patches!). Or better still, make your own in Pure data, Max Gen, FAUST or C++.

Lich is available for purchase now, and more info is up on the Befaco website, notably in the User Manual. Check it out!



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