We are relaunching our Euclidean series of classic trigger sequencers with black and red Bananuts, and brand new, beautifully black front panels.

  • Phoreo endless bursts, rolls, flams and fills with this versatile trigger and gate processor
  • Stoicheia still the best Euclidean sequencer in Eurorack 😉
  • Logoi clock divide, delay and add: voltage controlled swing
  • Klasmata voltage controlled, single channel Euclidean sequencer

They are available both as assembled modules and kits. The kits are produced by Befaco and are available from their webshop, from Thonk, and possibly/soon from Modular Addict, Exploding Shed and others.

Assembled modules can be purchased directly from us (select Black panel) or, soon, all our retailers. Note that orders from our webshop ship from Spain.

The updated versions of these modules feature a built in regulator, so require no +5V bus rail.

Also be sure to check out our Algorithmic Beats Tutorial.

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