New Max Gen Tutorials

Cherif Hashizume is treating us to a new series of Max Gen tutorials, this time showing us how to make a complete MIDI monosynth on the Lich!

Of course, the same patch can run equally well on any OWL device, such as the classic OWL Pedal and OWL Modular, the Alchemist, Wizard, and Magus, and the brand new Witch.

In the first episode we’ll make a dual VCO with adjustable waveshape, detune and mix. Episode two will cover the VCF, VCA and envelope. In the third and final episode Cherif demonstrates the new metadata feature that allow us to assign gen~ signals to CV and trigger outputs.

Also make sure to check out Cherif’s last video if you haven’t already. The Clock Generating Looper is an awesome patch, serving up tightly synced, layered loops with some tasty timbral controls on top.

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