In a collaborative effort with Cycling ’74, we have today introduced support to run Max Gen patches on the OWL hardware range for music production and performance. Max users can now play and perform their patches without having to use a laptop.

OWL input frontThe OWL is available both as a guitar pedal and a Eurorack module. Users can program the OWL themselves, or download ready-made patches from an online library of more than 150, including polyphonic synthesisers, drum machines, glitchers, phasers, flangers, loopers, droners, delays, reverbs, crushers, shapers, screamers, and laughers.


Max is a highly versatile and popular software tool used by musicians, artists and creative coders to make instruments, interactive installations, audio and video effects and more. The visual patching paradigm makes it easy to try out musical ideas. The integration between Max and the OWL is enabled by the Max code generator Gen, and the online OWL compiler.



With a sophisticated ARM processor and plenty of memory, the OWL delivers best in class performance and audio quality. The platform is open source and open hardware.  It runs patches written in C++, FAUST, Pure Data and now Max’s Gen.

Users can sign up for free at to share patches and try out some of the many examples.

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