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The Wizard is an ultra-portable synthesizer and effects unit. It is capable of running all the OWL Patches available in our library, and you can write your own patches for it. Supported languages include Cycling’74 Max Gen, Pure data, FAUST and C++.

Demo Video


  • 5x assignable knobs
  • 4x assignable buttons
  • 1x mode button
  • 2x CV in
  • 2x CV out
  • 1x trigger in
  • 1x trigger out
  • RGB led
  • USB MIDI Device
  • USB MIDI Host
  • 3.5mm stereo in and out
  • 24bit 48kHz audio
  • Runs all OWL patches
  • 9v DC or USB powered


Pre-order now for delivery in September 2018.


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