Minimalism: from plainsong to Bit Reactor

Our recently released Bit Reactor module features briefly in a segment on Minimalism by Financial Times.
BitReactor on FT

In the clip, renowned British electronic musician and composer Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) talks about Minimalist music and its impact on contemporary culture. Scanner performed his piece Tavener Deconstructed/Reconstructed at London’s Kings Place as part of the ongoing series Minimalism Unwrapped.

Minimalism grew out of 1960s counterculture in New York and California but has its roots in early church music. The FT’s Laura Battle meets composer Stephen Montague and sound artist Scanner, and the London Sinfonietta rehearse Terry Riley’s ‘In C’.

(Impatient? Robin is interviewed at 6:40 and the Bit Reactor comes into view at 8:20!)