Rebel Technology Educational Workshops

We love teaching and delivering workshops and are experienced in doing so. The content of these workshops can be changed according to the availability, interests and abilities of those involved. Workshops can take place over an afternoon and cover part of the topics listed, or last for a couple of days and span a range of topics. The maximum number of workshop participants is generally 16. For workshops 2 and 3, participants will need a computer (at least one between two.)

1.) Introduction to Modular Synthesis Workshop

This workshop covers the basics of modular synthesis such as CV and trigger, and then getting hands-on making some different patches that explore demonstrate how to start making music with modular synthesisers. This workshop is suitable for anyone with an interest in modular synthesisers and requires no background knowledge in music or electronics, just a willingness to plug, play and have fun.

2.)  Max MSP programming for the OWL Pedal or OWL Modular

This workshop teaches participants how to build a series of basic patches in the Gen part of Cycling 74’s Max MSP visual programming environment and upload them to the OWL Pedal or OWL Modular. The workshop can serve as a great, practical introduction to visual programming and to more advanced low-level DSP on the OWL.

The patches built can be varied depending upon time and the ability of the students, and all result in useful musical instruments and tools, such as a sine wave generator, an FM synthesiser, and a tape-style delay unit.

You can see one of our OWL Max tutorials here.

3.) Pure Data programming for the OWL Pedal or OWL Modular

This workshop is similar to the Max MSP workshop but focusing on Pure Data and involving less engagement with low-level DSP. You can see one of our online tutorials on Pure Data on the OWL here.

4.) Learning C++ for the OWL Pedal or OWL Modular

Much like the Max MSP and Pure Data workshop, this workshop teaches participants how to build patches for the OWL using the C++ coding language, but relies on a little more knowledge of coding from the participants.

5.) Modular DIY Workshop

This is a workshop where participants build their own Rebel Technology modules. The assembly is relatively easy and no previous soldering experience is required. People of all ages and abilities are welcome.

The workshop leaders

Dr Adam Parkinson is musician, programmer and teacher. An Associate Lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London, he teaches modules in Max MSP and electronic music, whilst researching new musical technologies. Releasing music as Dane Law on Quantum Natives and other labels, he programs Pure Data patches to makes glitchy digital shoegaze from samples of rave and Celine Dion.

Martin Klang is the developer of the OWL Pedal and the Rebel Technology Modular system. Martin has extensive experience in leading workshops at events such as hackdays, festivals and modular meet-ups, and is an experienced programmer and maker. Martin studied at the University of Gothenburg, Chalmers University of Technology and Université Paris-Sorbonne, and spent 10 years as a software engineer and systems architect before setting up his own consultancy and then founding Rebel Technology.