Modular Synthesizer Workshop

We’re doing a module building workshop next weekend, hosted by the London Music Hackspace. This workshop is the first time that Rebel Technology modules will be available for DIY builders.

You don’t have to have previous experience with soldering or electronics, we will be there throughout to help you out. The date is March 28, at MHS HQ:
Unit 15, 5–10 Corbridge Crescent London E2 9DS. Places are limited, book now!

Read more on the Music Hackspace website.

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Minimalism: from plainsong to Bit Reactor

Our recently released Bit Reactor module features briefly in a segment on Minimalism by Financial Times.
BitReactor on FT

In the clip, renowned British electronic musician and composer Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) talks about Minimalist music and its impact on contemporary culture. Scanner performed his piece Tavener Deconstructed/Reconstructed at London’s Kings Place as part of the ongoing series Minimalism Unwrapped.

Minimalism grew out of 1960s counterculture in New York and California but has its roots in early church music. The FT’s Laura Battle meets composer Stephen Montague and sound artist Scanner, and the London Sinfonietta rehearse Terry Riley’s ‘In C’.

(Impatient? Robin is interviewed at 6:40 and the Bit Reactor comes into view at 8:20!)

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Rebel Technology: Χρόνος

Chronos FrontRebel Technology is releasing a new module: Χρόνος (Chronos, Greek for Time).
Χρόνος is a time-keeping module, with two distinct but related functions. The first is tap tempo: tap the push button to generate regular triggers at any tempo, and adjust the tempo with a knob. The second function is tempo-synced LFO, with four different output waveforms. The two functions can be linked or used independently.

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Bit Reactor Launch


We’re very pleased to be launching the Bit Reactor module, at an event organised together with London Modular and hosted in their shop in Hackney Wick.

We’ll be in the store from 2pm on Saturday, come in to have a chat and try out the new module. There will be a limited number of Bit Reactors on sale, the first ones! Details on how to get there can be found on their website.

Hope to see you there!


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Messe 2014 Video

We had a great time at Musikmesse in Frankfurt – talked to lots of fun and interesting people and saw some amazing gear. Andreas Schneider had gathered all modular makers under his Alex4 banner in a big stand where we shared space with Dr Doepfer, Ken Macbeth and many other legends. Ace!

Andy from Sonic State came over to chat with us about our modules, pedals and prototypes, here’s a video:

Big up to Andreas and Alex4 for putting an awesome show together. Cheers guys!

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Kirk Degiorgio plays Logoi and Stoicheia

Talented British electronic musician and techno producer Kirk Degiorgio (aka As One, Elegy, Esoterik, Critical Phase…) has made a couple of videos showing off the capabilities of the Euclidean series modules.

Lots of great tunes on Kirk’s label: ART Records

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Rebel Technology at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2014

Rebel Technology is going to be at Musikmesse in Frankfurt, showing off some nice new modules!
You can find us at the Alex4 stand, Hall 5.1 Booth C54, from Thursday to Saturday.


Previews of new modules will include:

  • OWL programmable module
  • Bit Reactor by Ryan Sarver
  • DEX expandable mixer


More exciting news to follow soon!

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Martin Dubka Live Rig

Our friend Martin Dubka has given a short tour of his live rig to Future Music. See the video here:

Dubka uses the Stoicheia Euclidean sequencer: “a fool-proof good groove”.

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Ryan Sarver’s Bit Reactor

Our friend and fellow musician / electronics engineer Ryan Sarver has created an amazing sound crunching stomp box called the Bit Reactor. We’ve got one in the studio and it’s a lot of fun to use – timbres ranging from smooth to extremely gritty, and with a lot of personality!


We’re hoping to make a modular version of this beast, in the meantime you can get a pedal  from Ryan’s eBay listing - while they last!

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Kickstarter FX Pedal

Rebel HQ has been buzzing with activity lately as we’re preparing to launch our first Kickstarter campaign.

The OWL is a programmable stompbox based on a very impressive ARM Cortex M4 chipset. A prototype has been completed and already has some pretty sweet patches running on it.

The plan is to raise enough money for the first production batch on Kickstarter, and run the project on its own website. We hope you will follow us and join in the project!

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